Our Story

The face of honest vendors with unique designs that make your special days memorable with customized gifts delivered to multiple shipping addresses in each order!

At the Core:

Ciconia bird marks its presence as a symbol of birth and happiness in nearly every mythological text and literally translates to “white stork”. In ancient times, stork was considered to be the embodiment of life as their presence around a home represented the arrival of new-born or similar new beginnings. Using the symbolism of the white stork bringing a baby hanging from their beak, our company logo depicts the mystical bird delivering gifts to your loved ones. This logo is a metaphor for our company’s motherly care, careful thought behind every product, and a promise of elevating the celebration of happy times.

The Beginning:

Ciconia is not just a platform; it is the go-to place for customized happiness in bulk. We are the bridge between your perfect version of gifts and you. The company was incepted after our CEO, Mrs. Sukhmani Singh, had a vision of giving back to her homeland and society after moving from the USA to India in 2019. On a usual evening, she thought: Why Indian celebrations strike the notion of operational hassle rather than having a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time? The drive to eliminate this age-old problem gave birth to Ciconia.

  • Ciconia’s Mission is to:

“Build trust and grow with our vendors by providing a secure and safe way for our customers to buy bulk gifts in the easiest possible way, while running sustainably and giving a piece back to our environment.”


  • Ciconia’s Vision is to:

“Provide the most creative, sustainable and secure platform for its stakeholders (employees, vendors, customers, communities and environment) enabling innovation and inspiration to achieve the best results – be it in selling, buying, manufacturing or even curating products.”



All the vendors are handpicked after careful examination of quality and creativity. Each product on our website breathes an unique story. We represent the skill, pride, and satisfaction of every vendor associated with us.

Our Promise:

Customers, vendors and other stakeholders – you are a part of the Ciconia family and we strive to serve you with nothing short of best at every step so as to enhance your experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Just wing it, hop on board, and let us worry about the rest!