Why choose Ciconia? 

Your search for the audience ends here. Ciconia acts as a direct, effective, smart, and easy portal for the unique products made by thousands of creative brilliant minds like you! Ciconia ensures that everyone associated with it reflects and follows the company values. This is why we are a close-knit family that offers business as well as a relationship of trust, belief, and happiness to each vendor and customer.

Zero Listing Charges

Ciconia doesn’t charge a single penny as you join us and list the products on our website. It is the company’s first step towards establishing a long term partnership with entrepreneurs like you. You will only be charged with a small amount on every confirmed purchase.

Hassle-Free Business

All you need to do is focus on the quality of the products. Ciconia presents itself as a one-stop solution to all your potential logistic and business generation needs. From website and online presence to customer support and distribution, Ciconia team will represent you in the market.

Hand-held support                         

Once you’re on board with Ciconia, the company is with you every step of the way. Apart from dedicated training on our interface, Ciconia offers every possible solution for your business including product photography, order management, creative brainstorming, market insights, and so on. If you feel stuck anywhere, we are one phone call away.

Personal Touch

This is not just a business, this is a relationship – be it with Ciconia or customers. Every visitor on our website will not just see your product’s external beauty, but also live your story and idea behind the creation. Ciconia believes in establishing you as a brand across the country and it is imperative that every marketing move for your product carries the story of your hard work.

Complete Compliance

Ciconia understands that untimely hiccups in professional or personal life can impact the functioning of a business. This is why you can pause your product availability with some prior notice at any time without any extra charges. Your association with Ciconia shall stand firm with the option of resuming your services as the conditions improve. Looking to change the legal framework for returns or implement a new economic operation policy? Ciconia offers total compliance.