Our Values

Nesting Together

If not built on trust, any foundation is weak. We keep this value at the core of our relationship with customers and employees. For our customers, guaranteed quality, best advice, and exceptional after-sales services are the hallmarks of reliability. We further encourage our stakeholders to trust on their wings and share any feedback, suggestion, or ideas towards improvement in the ongoing mechanism – making Ciconia a close-knit family.

Song of Passion

The drive to create something unique and fire to go the extra mile is the secret to Ciconia’s success. We place strong emphasis on providing the product envisioned by our esteemed customers while encouraging our in-house team to think out-of-the-nest for creative gift ideas. This is why we ensure that every vendor on board with us sings the same of passion and innovation tune about their product.  

Bird’s Eye View

True transparency lies in the balance between celebrating success and owning up to failures. While every successful delivery exemplifies happy faces of vendors and customers, we take strong cognizance towards growth through disappointments. Ciconia promises to stay through thick and thin and flourish a see-through perspective for its stakeholders since its inception.

Dare to Fly Higher

Constant experiments and funny surprises are the sole mantra to offer something ahead of time. Ciconia employees take the flight of imagination as they gather to brainstorm ways to fulfill your futuristic needs. In the relentless pursuit of revolutionizing the gift world, we empower our workforce and shape their mentality to think beyond conventions through the lens of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology portals.