Gifting Goodies

Gurpreet Bhatia, the owner, curator and designer of Gifting Goodies has always believed in enhancing people’s happiness – be it with gifts, home décor or home organization.

 Gurpreet’s curation is a complete collection of Asian Handicrafts and collectives. The beautifully collected gift items from across Asis have a hint and touch of Indian Colors with an Organic taste. With over 500 + products in the collection, the designs are subtle and elegant. It’s a new approach to make elegant and sustainable wedding, corporate gifts and baskets which can be easily put together by the buyer.  “The long term Goal of my brand is to set up a network of complete DIY gifting packing solutions at a very affordable price and empower creative young girls to put together small creative businesses.”

only at ciconia
Only @ Ciconia
Fine Wicker Basket (Grey)
Fine Wicker Basket (Brown)
Fine Wicker Basket (White)
Classy Wooden Boxes
Elegant Lace Bag (Green)
Elegant Lace Boxes

Elegant Lace Boxes

Rs. 2,000

Elegant Lace Bag (Cream)
Decorative Flower Bunch (Pink Tulips)
Decorative Flower Bunch Small (White)
Turko-Persian Salad Bowl
Turko-Persian Salad Spoons
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